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Welcome to Stipp Wealth Management

Stipp Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm. Being independent provides the freedom to do business in a way that is best for clients....not what is best for the broker dealer.  Brad Stipp  is affiliated with LPL Financial, the largest independent broker/dealer in the U.S.  *

Brad Stipp is the founder of Stipp Wealth Management and an LPL Financial Advisor. He has helped families who seek to grow their wealth, plan for their future goals, and preserve their assets for over 39 years.  At Stipp Wealth Management clients can rely on Brad's  experience,  professionalism, and knowledge to help clients navigate through the confusing choices in today's financial world.  Stripping the "noise" from the day to day news events and focusing on the long term goal is the primary value he adds.  He sees the foundation for success as being what is important for each client individually and structuring their portfolio appropriately to meet their personal needs and desires in life.

Based on total revenues, Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2020.

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