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Services Offered

Financial Planning


Are you on track to retire?  Educate your children?  Buy a vacation home?  The financial planning process can determine where you are today and help guide any changes that might be necessary to achieve your longer or shorter term goals. 

Investment Management

In general, there are two avenues that one can take when choosing how their investments are managed.  One choice is an Advisory account whereby an annual fee is paid based on the value of the account.  An Advisory account provides discretionary management where the investment decisions are made for you as determined by your investment objective.  The other choice is the traditional transaction based account.  In a transaction based account a commission or sales charge is paid on the purchases or sales of securities.  The investment selections are recommended and agreed upon by the client.

Risk Assessment

Is your portfolio structured properly to meet your goals without taking too much risk?  Too little risk?  Your portfolio can be risk scored to let you know how that matches up with your level of comfort.

Investment Selection

There are a broad range of investment choices available.  Among them are individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, Unit Investment Trusts, CDs, Structured Products, and Insurance and Annuity products.

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